Why Us


7 reasons why Mk 8 Capital is best to help you achieve your investment goals.

Industry 1st Forex Trading with Geomancy / Fengshui

Just like how fengshui will affect our well being and good fortune by balancing the energies surrounding us, it can also be used in the financial market to understand about market flows and cycles. It is important that we understand these elements so that we can better determine our entries and exits while not fighting against the flow of price movements.

Fengshui is both an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. Mk 8 Capital Treasury Pte Ltd is excited to bring this wealth of fengshui knowledge into the financial and trading industry. Traders can now tap into the multiple components of fengshui to gradually trade better and be more profitable in their forex trading.

Mk 8 Capital is among the first few companies in Singapore to introduce the subject of metaphysics into the trading industry. Traders will now learn ways to perfect their entries and exits with the natural flow of market.

In addition, they will also find out the optimal time of the day at which they are best to profit from the market. Be sure to learn real-live fengshui applications specially designed and developed for financial traders to increase their chances of success for their trading portfolio.

Enhance your trading potential with personalised Bazi Analysis

Bazi is a life blueprint from the universe or known as the natural laws of universe. Each of us has a unique bazi blueprint which contains embedded messages of our personality, strengths, weaknesses, talents and potentials. The messages can be decoded to understand the individual’s career inclinations, financial potential, relationship issues and health concerns.

At Mk 8 Capital, we analyse your Bazi chart with permission and offer insights and practical strategies to your trading career. Bazi can tell you which type of trading product are best suited to you. We believe that destiny together with fortune and well being lie at our hands. We want to better understand our inert potential to further our trading and investment careers.

We do not know how far one can go but with our bazi analysis and insights, we can certainly help push you to your limit so that your full potential can be reap.

Account to suit your trading needs

After being in the forex trading for quite some time, we understand that every one of us trades in a different unique way. It is important that we provide the right type of account suitable for your trading needs. The trader can choose to trade contracts from as low as 0.01 standard lots to hundreds of standard lots if necessary.

Our unique setup and having direct access to major liquidity providers allow a wide range of trading volumes for our community of traders. Whether you are trading 1 micro lot or 10 standard lots, it is important for you to understand that low competitive spreads and trading conditions with be a luxury that you may still enjoy.

Mk 8 Capital accepts all type of forex and CFDs traders. Opening an account can start from as low as US $3000. We welcome all scalping traders and expert advisors raders.

Trade with the most popular forex trading platform - Metatrader 4

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) offers a comprehensive trading package for forex traders. It provides a reliable and secure trading experience, with all the trading tools you need. The MT4 platform comes with an advanced charting package and 30+ technical indicators to support any trading decision.

The platform empowers the trader to get a well-rounded view of the fast moving markets with easy to setup indicators and trading tools. MetaTrader 4 trading platform can be installed across multiple platforms such as mobile devices and tablets. This includes iPad, iPhone devices and Android mobile phones. Other platforms are also available upon request.

Customised automated solutions with expert advisors

Expert Advisors (EAs) are software plugins that can automate your trading strategy, allowing you to execute trades emotion-free and without the need to constantly monitor the markets. If you use EAs, we believe you should be able to trade with no restrictions, that is why with Mk 8 Capital, you can use your EA no matter how well it performs.

Support for expert advisor trading will be provided. Trading strategies can be made automated and programmed into expert advisors plugins to run in your Metatrader 4 terminal all under your control.

Creation for specialized and customised expert advisor service will be rendered at a small nominal fee. The trader will have full control over his trading strategies and the expert advisor created throughout the process. Support for the expert advisor will also be provided after project completion.

Competitive spreads for everyone

Trading condition is important and that is why we are committed to providing you with competitive spreads across our products. Our forex spreads start from just 0.6 pips which are among the lowest you can find from the range of global brokerage firms online. This is our promise to you – what conditions you see in our trading terminals will be offered the same to you.

Our spreads are competitive and varies with market conditions. Spread conditions may change with market activity during important news event.

We are new to the brokering industry but as a boutique fund manager for 20 years and trading under the global investment banks as institutional traders, we are sure to understand the needs for competitive spreads, slippages and transparent pricing.

As such, we wish to bring low and competitive spreads to retail traders and we will always uphold to our promise at MK 8 Capital. The spreads you see at our office terminal will be the exact same spread offered to you.

We accept accounts in SGD and all global currencies

Accounts opening process will take 1-3 days. Funding of account is also easy. We accept all the major currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY and including SGD. If you need to open an account with other currency, feel free to check with us.

We may allow special arrangements but there is no guarantee. That’s our way of extending our service and assistance to clients in ways we can. At all times during the account opening process, we will make sure to give you up-to-date information of the status.

You will have full control and easy access to our representatives if you have any instructions for us. We seek to make opening accounts as easy for you as we can.