Mk 8 Capital Services

MT5 Broker White Label Services

If you are aspiring to build a brokerage business with Metatrader platform, our team and experience can help make you successful. Our liquidity providers are mainly based in UK and our liquidity technology is developed in the US.

Main servers are based in Singapore, Hong Kong and London. We connect to our liquidity providers through a unique price aggregation technology in order to get better pricing and execution. We welcome you to speak with us for more information on this service.

The Popular MetaTrader Platform

All Mk 8 Capital traders use MetaTrader 5 trading platform. The platform comes with a set of 30+ technical indicators for market analysis. Your trading strategy can be made automated with a programmed expert advisor that will run in full automation on platform. All types of expert advisor trading are welcome at MK8 Capital.

Account Type That Suit Your Needs

Mk 8 Capital provides the flexibility for traders to select from a range of account types. The leverage traders can start with range from 50 to 200. If you have good reasons to increase your leverage out of the range, you can ask for an approval with our customer service representative. Highly leveraged trading comes with higher risk even though there are chances for greater profits.

We are constantly updating and searching for the best trading tools for our client at Mk8 Capital. We provide many trading platforms to traders including the most popular MetaTrader 4 trading platform for CFDs and forex traders. Other trading platforms can be downloaded upon special request.

Access to competitive spreads

Kelvin Khoo started off like any retail trader and therefore understands the need for retail traders ( or any trader ) to gain access to competitive spreads right from the beginning. This helps to minimise the cost of trading for many traders.

While we cannot influence the profitability of trading other than the trader himself, the best we can do is to provide a good trading environment so that the trader can enter and exit at the price he wants with the least amount of cost.

The best trading environment also encompasses little to no requote and slippage occurrences, consistent tight spreads within a narrow range over an entire trading day.

Starting financial traders will usually have limited trading conditions and having the ability to cut cost down right in the beginning are highly paramount to them. We want to extend the invitation to you to make a visit to our office and have a look at our trading terminal for the competitive low spreads you can trade with.

Expert Advisor Trading

We see greater demand from traders over the past years on greater reliance with automated expert advisor trading. Expert advisor trading requires a trader to formulate a solid entry-to-exit trading plan.

While there may be a tendency to hear stories about expert advisor for automated trading, more traders are using them as tools to make testing their trading systems easier.

It provides the functionality to test with historical market data before any money is put at stake. This process allows the testing of overall trading performance, and provide almost instant hypothetical performance for any trading strategy.

Traders will be able to improve or make changes to their trading strategies and run hypothetical tests over and over again until they are confident to trade with their money.

At Mk 8 Capital, we provide customised solution to traders if you will like to have your personal strategies coded into expert advisor for a nominal fee. Traders will have full rights and control to all the expert advisors created this way.

Geomancy Profile Analysis for Traders

Trading in the financial market is never easy. At Mk 8 Capital, our team of financial advisors are equipped with metaphysics knowledge and research to better assist you. The usage of metaphysics include Bazi and fengshui analysis to achieve the following:

  • Understand your personal profile through Bazi
  • Assess the suitable trading instrument based on Bazi
  • How to optimise your trading strategy to achieve better outcome
  • Strategic geomancy plan to enhance your trading portfolio
  • Periodic audit to identify missed opportunities and ways to improved on overall profitability
  • Fengshui and Bazi support to maximise overall trading performance

SME Investment / Hedging Department Consultancy

Are you a small to medium enterprise that are exposing yourself to currency risk or interests rate risks? Your business could be exposed to more market risk than you ever could think about. Mk 8 Capital can help by advising a plan to hedge and mitigate some of these risks so that your business can run smoothly in the event of market volatility or uncertainty. Our service includes:

  • Opening of trading account and services
  • Devising a plan to invest and hedge your business and market risks
  • Trading tools training and guidance
  • Staff training and education

We will even include a basic geomancy audit for free when we help set up your risk and investment department at your company.

We will like to meet up with you and show you the possibilities. While there are no guarantees in any investing or trading activities, but we’ll like to show you what possible strategies a business can use to minimise and safekeep its business operations from market uncertainty.

Interested to join and be an investor of this exciting business

If you will like to find out more on the details our business, we are happy to meet up and discuss with you further. We believe that to have a successful working relationship, there is a need for clear understanding of the client’s needs, goals and objectives.

We provide timely, forward-looking updates and insights to your specific goals that you want to develop and achieve with our boutique fund.

As we are the majority stakeholder of the boutique fund, we are very mindful of the risk we are undergoing or will be taking in any single trade. It is very important that we only make necessary trades and optimise our returns instead of taking unnecessary risk that leads to losing money in the process.

Mk 8 Capital’s Ethics

  • Preserving your wealth is our main priority
  • Build and increase your wealth gradually overtime with our organic growth strategies
  • We will not exceed the maximum risk in any single trading day
  • We will not make any risky trades that will jeopardize our boutique fund holding in any single day
  • We will only take calculated risk in trading only the products that lies within the scope of our expertise
  • We value everything that will improve our trust and working relationship
    Our commitment to serve with integrity, accountability and with the best interests at heart.
  • In areas where potential conflicts may happen, we will make proper disclosure to the client and not make any opinion for the subject matter.
  • All our actions will be made with honesty, transparency and accountability.