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About Kelvin Khoo

Kelvin Khoo is the main trader and owner of Mk 8 Capital Treasury Pte Ltd. He practices geomancy in Singapore and is often known as Master Khoo. He is a boutique fund manager and his core expertise lies in the trading of SGX shares, HK Warrant Index, Russell 2000 Indices, CFDs, Shares and Forex market.

A boutique fund manager is defined as a private trader who owns a large stake in the fund under his management. Together with his private clientele base, they formed a sizeable fund size specialised in trading over a range of niche financial products. Mk 8 Capital is run and managed by a group of boutique fund managers. As such, it’s main operational profits is derived from a consistent fund performance.

Mk 8 Capital Mission

Mk 8 Capital Treasury Pte Ltd’s mission is to empower individual investors and enabling them to build their investment portfolio through forex & commodities trading, with the primary objective of achieving enhanced financial security for their family and loved ones.

Social Responsibility

Kelvin Khoo has been trading for more than 10 years and has achieved a level of success within the financial industry. He wants to impart his trading experience and knowledge to people who are in need for financial aid or people that need help making a living. He strongly believes that the knowledge of trading can be taught and can be an invaluable skill that people can make a living from.

Boutique Fund Management

As a boutique fund manager, he has developed both experience and skill trading the financial market over the years. As his fund under management grows, he is able to leverage on his trading volume over the years to enjoy institutional spreads for his clients.

Mk 8 Capital is not any traditional brokering business model. At its core, it is run by its own fund’s bottomline. Like any trader, Mk 8 Capital understands the importance for access to competitive spreads, we wanted to bring this exquisite access to all traders under Mk 8 Capital.

Trading Experience

  • Boutique fund manager at MK8 Capital ( 2011 – Present Day)
  • Hold the post of External Commodities Trading Advisor in overseas market.
  • Liquidity provider (2009) in London Gold Market (XAU).
  • An external consultant (2003-2005) for the Hedge Fund portfolio with Bank of America, Seattle & New York, he had utilized the fengshui concepts in the worldwide Investment Market.

Metaphysics for Financial Trading

Kelvin Khoo is the pioneer group of financial traders who are first to apply metaphysics to the markets to optimise his boutique fund results.
Kelvin Khoo is well versed in many areas of the art of metaphysics where he is an expert in Xuan Kong (Flying Stars), Eight House Theory and Four Pillar Destiny diagnosis. He has successfully applied the fengshui concepts into the trading industry.

While the traditional use for fengshui lies in the physical space such as setting up a good office environment optimized for trading the financial market, Kelvin Khoo is able to apply concepts of fengshui for market analysis to make key trading decisions.

A trader’s Bazi profile analysis can be conducted with permission to optimise his trading performance. Bazi which serves as an individual’s life blueprint, is the source for the individual’s strength and weakness. Mk 8 Capital will then perform an audit for use in the individual aspects for his trading career.

Kelvin Khoo is a renowned fengshui master and has more than 22 years of fengshui consultation experience. He has travelled and given private consultation to many clients in various countries, including USA, Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong and Thailand. His extensive list of clientele includes individual property owners, high-ranking government officials, international banks as well as manufacturing firms.