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Hedge Fund

We aim to operate the hedge fund which focus and mandate to invest in various financial trading instruments to maximize the “Absolute Return” for investor. Our expertise to the construct a “optimized” portfolio with typically high liquidly financial trading instruments includes but not limited to equity, fixed income, short-duration bonds and forex future and spot contract. Our trading mechanics and philosophy is based on “Absolute Return” model and supported by professional technical trading algorithm. With decades of trading experience across multiple asset class with a strong proven track record, we are able to leverage on the latest technology to provide the most efficient and cost friend trading structure for investors. Our bespoke fund management expertise will distinctively in outperforming the average market benchmark, and hence achieve the portfolio performance maximization.







Trading in the financial market is never easy. At Mk 8 Capital, our team of financial advisors are equipped with metaphysics knowledge and research to better assist you. The usage of metaphysics include Bazi and fengshui analysis to achieve the following:

  • Understand your personal profile through Bazi
  • Assess the suitable trading instrument based on Bazi
  • How to optimise your trading strategy to achieve better outcome
  • Strategic geomancy plan to enhance your trading portfolio
  • Periodic audit to identify missed opportunities and ways to improved on overall profitability
  • Fengshui and Bazi support to maximise overall trading performance


Are you a small to medium enterprise that are exposing yourself to currency risk or interests rate risks? Your business could be exposed to more market risk than you ever could think about. Mk 8 Capital can help by advising a plan to hedge and mitigate some of these risks so that your business can run smoothly in the event of market volatility or uncertainty. Our service includes:

  • Opening of trading account and services
  • Devising a plan to invest and hedge your business and market risks
  • Trading tools training and guidance
  • Staff training and education

We will even include a basic geomancy audit for free when we help set up your risk and investment department at your company.

We will like to meet up with you and show you the possibilities. While there are no guarantees in any investing or trading activities, but we’ll like to show you what possible strategies a business can use to minimise and safekeep its business operations from market uncertainty.


Examine our trading records. Look at pending, current and historical trades made in one of our live accounts. The trades are updated real-time.


Metaphysics for the financial market. We apply metaphysics to market analysis and generate a market sentiment helpful for trading success.


If you are aspiring to build a brokerage business with Metatrader 5 platform, our team and experience can help make you successful.

Our Capabilities

About Us

Learn more about Mk 8 Capital’s mission. Discover and get access to the minds and skills of a boutique fund manager. Understand more about the trading capabilities of Mk 8 capital’s experience in boutique fund management and the mechanics of what driving their success.

Mk 8 Capital Services

  • MT4 broker white-label services
  • Access to competitive spreads
  • Account setup to suit your needs
  • Expert advisor trading
  • Geomancy profile analysis for financial traders

Why Us?

7 reasons why Mk 8 Capital is best to help you achieve your investment goals.